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Mitsubishi Pajero

Today, among the iconic cars has all the chances to join the fourth generation Pajero – as an exception to the rule. It’s a different machine in the class of very serious off-road , which is produced in the world is not so much .

Mitsubishi Pajero. ” Move over, Bulldog ! “

Not too many cars there are in the world that can be called a cult . Their number is easily counted on fingers. At first in this list are Volga GAZ- 21 , Cadillac and, of course , whitelist mitsubisevskie two models – Lancer Evolution and Pajero ( aka – Montero – in Spanish-speaking countries and Shogun in the UK) .

Rent Mitsubishi Pajero in Baku

Nor Rolls-Royce, or Maybach, no Ferrari, and certainly no Mercedes or BMW never in this iconic class to not fall. All of them – only branding brands embody very different values ​​- this is a sign of wealth , prestige and position in society, unlike the latter , they are famous in very different qualities.

Today, among the iconic cars has all the chances to join the fourth generation Pajero – as an exception to the rule. This car is not some kind of facelift or restyled previous generation – is a completely different car in the class of very serious off-road , which is produced in the world is not so much . That is a real fighter in full off-road arsenal . I know that there are many people that this thesis will be repeatedly refute and say that there are cars on the cross and abruptly.

Superficially 4th Pajero returned to the point from which began the evolution of the model – a ” box-like ” 1st and 2nd generation (models 1982 and 1991, ) . If you remember, the third Pajero, which appeared in 1999, disappointed fans because apparently inflated model species. Then , if you remember, it immediately nicknamed ” Bulldog “. But , nevertheless , almost no falling of sale , despite deficiencies and interior mounts the third model. The main thing missing in the “three rubles ” – a sense of prestige. And note – breaking the 3 – year mark was not brought from America. Even podeshevke ugly machine was useless.

Let us estimate the 4th Pajero, debuted in October 2006 at an exhibition in Paris. The car has long been attracted to the public and practically replaced them with ” Bulldogs “.

solid dork

A quick glance at the car you realize that it should be exclusively black ( inside the car were other colors, but , believe me, they look very different ) . Feature 2nd Pajero was that it was painted in two colors, usually , it seemed a return to the explanation of the last century and the most pleasing . 4th Pajero – again plain , classic example of a full-size SUV in the spirit Galendewagen’a, Land Rover Discovery and the Nissan Pathfinder. Eye is drawn to external changes .

Vertical mirrors are replaced by horizontal, in turn signals are added . Fixing ” chute ” has remained the same ( at the rear tailgate ) , but now it has moved from its right side to the center , providing more symmetrical viewing angle. Changed the algorithm of the rear wiper and rear turn signals . If European versions taillights left and right are purely decorative function , and emergency lights were located in narrow niches on the bumper , but now it looks more logical . Rear brake light not only on top of the rear window , but the bottom of the hard mount reserve.

Ending with a description of the exterior , we note that the 4th has become more calm, serious on the one hand and more aggressively intimidating the other (which is most pronounced in black ) . Galvanized car body , aluminum hood . Win galvanically treated parts compared with the third version has almost doubled and now amounts to 76-78 % of total body parts . So slush and mud new Pajero now no hindrance. Moreover, that the 17-inch wheels were replaced by 18-inch and the machine is clearly added solidity.

Far racer

Admiring looks machine, hit the road . The weather on the street as to order, just for testing this SUV , rain , puddles, mud and all the other amenities of the Moscow weather. In contrast to many analogues , which manages all transmission control electronics, in the Pajero driver freer and himself can choose the desired torque distribution modes . Which, of course , of course, increases the demands on the driver and his skills . If you are in the most extreme situation ( in impassable mud , for example), by pressing R / D , you can lock the rear differential . However, despite nabezumnuyu dirt, before it did not come , and in the mode of transmission 4Lo I translated only once – when cornering on slippery roads led car .

Transmission of the new Super Select 4WD jeep got Advanced prefix for consistency with the complex system of active safety M -ATS ( Dynamic Stability Control , traction and help down the mountain ) . This is one of the most advanced transmissions used today on modern cars .

4th Pajero with its 3.8 – liter engine with 250 hp (formerly top-end was only a 3.5-liter engine) borrowed from American Galant and Eclipse can not boast some wonders in terms of overclocking – just 10.8 seconds to 100 km / h . This is significantly lower than many competitors. But the jeep – the machine is not for racing, thrill ride have the opportunity to choose a more sporty option. And if you like to ride in a fairly relaxed manner , then , first of all, enjoy the smooth progress , and secondly – save fuel. Even when driving on city traffic jams I reached target of 15.9 liters per 100 km, which is lower than stated in the passport data. The truth is that you can get on the road figure of 11.2 liters per ” hundred ” in it , to be honest , little hard to believe .

Without the drawbacks not done

Having traveled a couple of days , noticed some flaws. Review from the driver’s seat just perfect , no glare on the windshield from the dashboard . But it is strange that , sitting comfortably in a chair and could not get used to the steering wheel – the column is adjustable for reach, leaving it only to change the angle of inclination . Another negative – despite the large size of the side mirrors , the right ( but customizable ) forms a blind spot , and if you do not see evolutions small cars , overtaking you from the side of the road . Do not like the narrow rapids – fully come they can not , but , if our mud and slush out of the car is not soiled , you can not . Wipe thresholds pants, packs obscene . There is one drawback – the rear door is opened up and sideways, and in strong winds or when parking on uneven surfaces dampers do not hold it in the open position. Constantly strives to close the door .

What is the atmospheric pressure in the street ?

To the test “Rolf” gave us the car in the most expensive configuration , there was even a DVD-player with 9 -inch screen in the center of the cabin. Headphones and remote control – attached ( as, indeed, and batteries ) – there is a place for them in the glove compartment of the front armrest. So back for five passengers ( jeep , among other things , the seven-seat ) will do in a long journey . In the future, the emergence of additional options : 7 – inch LCD display on the center console and the rear view camera with parking optimal trajectory . In the meantime, the display takes place quality audio Rockford Fosgate Acoustic with 12 speakers and a power of 850 watts of sound ( similar to the model and worth Outlander, though there is a total of 9 speakers ) . Useful stuff , especially for those who like to ride , not only with the wind, but also enjoying the exquisite sound of music.

But the most impressive narrow -board computer display at the top of the center panel . What he does not show – besides the most familiar features (current consumption , average , gasoline residue before refueling , ambient temperature , etc.) he is ready to show you the height above sea level at the location of the car, and even atmospheric pressure .

And ” bortovik ” Marshall is in the form of mysterious futuristic graphics, and within a day you can clearly see what changes have occurred within your location behind the wheel. However, there is one “but” – we used to learn from projections pressure in mm Hg , and the values ​​are displayed here in the familiar for many countries hectopascals (hPa). Considered normal pressure of 1013 hPa, which corresponds to the domestic 750 mm / Hg column. I rode in the range of 994 to 1008 hPa, ie clearly at lower values ​​.

“Mechanics” only for diesel

Ride , enjoy , have seen once again that expensive and impressive in size jeeps , especially black, in Russia we opened the road everywhere ( in the sense that all of them are inferior ) . Rejoiced at the disconnected audio silence (noise insulation on top) and were glad and envy those who are able to give 60,000 ” green ” for this miracle of technology . By the way, according to marketers Mitsubishi about 70 percent of motorists who own previous versions ” Pajero” is considered a new generation model , as their next purchase . As an option is “mechanics” – only for cars with diesel engine of 3.2 liters DHD new generation capacity of 165 hp This car is perfect for fans of uncompromising off-road adventures . Available now a Pajero . However, recently appeared and 3 – door version , which costs almost 200,000 rubles cheaper than the 5-door .