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Test Drive

Mercedes-Benz E240

To conduct a test drive Mercedes-Benz E-Class of the last generation , we chose all-wheel drive with an engine instance of 2.6 liters and output of 177 hp . s. Rent Mercedes-Benz E240 in Baku

Classics of the genre

The design of the car is dominated by the classical forms . The absence of sharp corners and edges gives Mercedes elegance and visual lightness .

Four front car shine ” glazikami ” which blend harmoniously with the curved hood , complete with three-star . Chrome grille complemented by chrome strip on the bumper.

In profile, the Mercedes-Benz E240 4Matic fit and looks very sleek . Its 5 -spoke wheels give the classic look of the car some lightness and charm.

Rear car looks conservative and no-frills . Lights are located on the edges and ” cut ” clearly on the trunk lid , which is mounted in the middle brake light .


Inside the E-class man embracing , or simply overwhelmed with the feeling of satisfaction and tranquility. I feel like saying : ” Life is good! .. ” The driver’s seat is designed perfectly and allows you to comfortably accommodate any person height and build . The front seats are comfortable and have a wide range of adjustments . Multifunctional steering wheel has a rim diameter ideally matched and designed for a relaxing and careful driving .

Dashboard looks luxurious and modern …

road Test

The day of the test drive proved cloudy , drizzling rain . Where better than in the wet and slippery road test the effectiveness of the four leading wheels? This is the main purpose of testing on the road all-wheel drive Mercedes.

Mercedes accelerated confidently and quickly. Automatic transfer switch with a minimum of delay and almost unnoticed by passengers.

In sharp maneuvering the car careened much , but thanks to a comfortable suspension in the car rolls barely felt . It should be noted that the test E240 4Matic is equipped with standard suspension and surcharge for Mercedes set the air suspension with adjustable clearance .

“Snake” we were enabled ESP at speeds of 20-25 km / h , with the car and did not show the slightest hint of a skid. With the system off ESP « snake” could pass a little faster , because electronics are not to redistribute the driving force and not ” choking ” the engine , and hence not to slow down . On the one hand it is a plus , but on the other – all the responsibility for traffic safety electronics shifted from the shoulders of the driver. The difference in drivability with ESP on or off on a slippery road almost not felt . And in fact, and in another case, the machine’s behavior was predictable. But do not overestimate their driving skills and without the need ( when driving through deep snow , gravel , etc.) do not disable ESP.

To manipulate the wheel ” Eshka ” responded quickly, but not sporty acutely , it did everything neatly and carefully …