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Test Drive

Lexus GX 470

We are clothed in suits and shoe model to emphasize their position in society . But , getting to rest, prefer jeans and sneakers . To be comfortable , never rubbed , not sting , and the stain is not sorry. One dress for all occasions unavailable. But try to pick up the car can be universal .

In this role, look good Midsize SUV’y . And some of them , unlike the widely- spread “SUV “, represent a formidable weapon in the fight against rough terrain . It is to such vehicles can be attributed Lexus GX 470. In addition , Lexus – it is always elegant and ornate . Machine harvested in Division Toyota, which specializes in the production of vehicles intended primarily for the American market . Rent Lexus GX 470 in Baku

” Gee X” looks more dynamic than Toyota Prado, on the basis of which it is made . Configuration branded grille and headlight washer recalls luxury sedans Lexus’ovskie . And if the car is also black, as in our case , then it looks very respectable.

on top

People sitting in the cabin Lexus GX 470, surrounds comfort, plus they literally are on top, because you sit in the “G X” quite high. But no problem with getting on / off does not arise. And sometimes it is so important – not to stain your expensive pants and shoes. For the convenience of passengers the vehicle is equipped with a wide footrest , which is highlighted , you only open the door (even with the lights off and the ” dimensions “). Say, look, your lordship , where lacquered put the shoe , so as not to miss but not dirty.

Large ” mugs ” side mirrors provide sufficient information . When reverse gear they cant projected onto the rear wheels. Very comfortable , given the ride height . Trouble themselves with unnecessary movements is not necessary. All electrical adjustment ( height and depth , even steering ) . Light and ” wipers ” can be activated automatically by simply turning the paddle switches to the appropriate position . Box – 5-step “automatic”, no options , no winter and sport and manual shift modes . You can only limit the range of three switching gears , say, on the slopes , or two – to overcome the most difficult areas or towing boat or trailer with his beloved horse. The rest of the automatic transmission does everything itself – elects to adjusting to the temperament of the driver.

Sitting in the second row can adjust the tilt of his half back, set individual temperatures . And you want to relax and unwind , please disabled ” Vibro ” on the phone, put on headphones – and drowned, lost care of the outside world in chords of your favorite tunes .

And there is a third row. Moreover, to facilitate the landing there is a special step near the rear sofa. Yet on the “gallery ” better an offspring of a noble family , you can even three. And rest assured , the level of comfort they will not complain . Leather on the seats of the same workmanship as the rest , individual vents blowing . I wanted to breathe fresh air – slightly open window -pane . And if you have no desire to turn posh SUV bus, third row seats can be folded down , thereby increasing the amount of luggage .

Do not overdo it

Under the powerful hum V-shaped ” eight” huge flow of torque ( 433 Nm ) , passing through the automatic transmission is at 3400 rev / min and transferred to all four wheels – 53% forward and 47% back with equal coefficient of adhesion of the tires – confidently and quietly disperse heavy car . However, having come under the impression of such dynamics , we should not forget that the main scale ( primarily pay attention to it) on the odometer still in miles, and the real rate of more than one and a half times higher than anticipated . The design of Lexus GX 470 put spar frame , and the rear suspension dependent . Therefore, at the helm “G X” responds softly , with delays typical SUV . And although the growth rate GX 470 bit ” squatting ” in the tumble turns too fast still not worth it . In this case, heavy and high heel car starts smoothly , like a great frigate , and slip out of rotation . Of course , stability is not asleep . But devices that override the laws of physics , in the cars still not worth it. Besides a constant effort on the steering wheel does not provide clear feedback. So do not chase ” sharpened ” under asphalt competitors. ” Revenge » Lexus GX 470 can on rough terrain. And on the asphalt credo of this car – the maximum comfort . Why would slow down before the tramway on the bumpy road ? After all, there are no shocks , bumps, knocks . As if on a huge ship , sailing over all flawed fabric. The only disadvantage of causing the longitudinal and transverse swing of a body , as well as ” peck ” during heavy braking.

However, in sport mode suspension dampers as strict as possible (there are several intermediate stages ) roll in bends less. And while GX 470 is still very comfortable on any road , whether battered asphalt or paving stones .

One in two persons

Still, Lexus GX 470 – it’s not a city dude who only can that menacing look scare passenger cars , curbs and storm force deep puddles . ” Gee X” has a very serious off-road potential – rigidly lockable center differential , rear beam axle , air suspension , demultiplikator , and assistance with the mountain slopes . Perhaps the only road tire pattern restricts the promotion of ” gee xXx ” in the swamps and mud.

By ” peresechenke ” as Lexus GX 470 with enviable persistence moves wherever directs his driver . Thanks to the suspension move “G X” is almost always resting on the ground all wheels . Even when some of them are posted , no problems arise . Tough enough to lock the center differential , the machine quietly creeps on. At the most extreme case in the transmission has a lower number , which is activated by an additional lever .

Overhangs are small and sometimes geometric throughput is limited only by the angle of the ramp. However , it is necessary to press the button as air suspension lifts Lexus GX 470 , increasing ground clearance. Machine falls in the same way or automatically once score 20 km / h

good option

On “G ikse ” can not only make an impression , but not to fall face in the dirt ( excuse the pun ) on the serious off-road, for example, while traveling the countryside. Here are just a substitute black lacquered side under sharp “claws” branches of trees and shrubs is a pity, even despite the fact that they are almost half the reserved plastic body color . Rent Lexus GX 470 in Baku