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Test Drive

Kia Sportage

Throughout human evolution people struggling to create the perfect weapon. While this clearly succeeded only one man – Mikhail Kalashnikov . KIA, with its new crossover Sportage, has tried to create the perfect weapon in the automobile market . Albeit in different ways, but new Korean SUV gained a competitive advantage over their ” class enemies .” Rent Kia Sportage in Baku. Will it be enough to win?

Family urban crossover – one of the youngest and most innovative in the automotive world . In Russia, the SUV has captured nearly a quarter of the market and it looks like not going to stop there. Intense competition in the class generates capture more and more new areas , especially in the average C- segment , which accounts for almost half of all global sales SUV – 3,8 million cars a year ! Nissan Qashqai, VW Tiguan, Ford Kuga, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Hyundai ix35, KIA Sportage – that no name, bestseller . And every update in this series – akin to breathing in second marathon – the model is able to afford to get ahead or at least keep up with the others.

This year, the main blow at the bridgehead C-SUV came from the Korean side . In the spring of my change in the face of Tucson ix35 introduced Hyundai. In autumn it is time to market for new KIA Sportage – built on the same platform , but with far greater ambitions and bright appearance . To appreciate how perfect would be a new weapon in the fight against KIA competitors , we went to the Caucasus , where, under the new Sportage premiere test correlated with the possibilities of his ambitions . The boring rectangular shapes of the previous generation Sportage is not a trace is left . The new face of the Korean crossover steeped aggression. KIA Sportage brutal beauty beckons , attracts the eye. Though the creation of a European car – Peter Schreyer , in his sporty appearance clearly traced Japanese features : grille as a characteristic for the latest model line KIA « tiger ‘s mouth ,” elegant dark frame grille , the original bending bumper , LED track in the headlights … Pleasantly pleased and commonality with conceptual KIA KUE, Koreans presented three years ago in Detroit. In recent years, the distance between concepts and serial samples is becoming less and aesthetic point of view, the automobile market of only wins.

To match the exterior and inner world of the new Sportage: streamlined dashboard, horizontally oriented in the latest fashion center console , sports triplex LED dashboard … The only thing that causes some nedoume -tion , – console -conditioning system , the varnished surface which visually strongly resonates on a background matte plastic salon. Compared with the previous generation , the Korean SUV stretched by 90 mm in length and 15 mm in width , but became more squat total height decreased time to 60 mm . Redistribution of space as a whole went Sportage advantage: despite the lower growth capacity of the luggage compartment even increased by 2 liters – 740 liters. 13-18 mm increased legroom front and rear passengers . The only thing , of course, had to give up – the height of the cabin.

Several passed Sportage and variability of its European range . With the market disappeared monoprivodnom diesel versions and the top version with a 2.7- liter gasoline engine . But in addition to the 5 – speed manual gearbox , a new 6-speed “mechanics” . Retreat is deliberate and quite understandable : because of the crisis the demand for powerful motors and expensive ACT fell by 30-50%. So that more powerful versions KIA Sportage, unlike its sibling Hyundai ix35, in Russia we do not yet see. KIA is not going to needlessly plow extra hectares car market , aiming to collect the maximum yield with already cultivated plots . And in terms of optimization , this approach is very productive.

The bottom line in Sportage two 2-liter engine : gasoline 2.0L I4 Theta II with variable valve timing of the intake and exhaust valves 150 hp . s. and 136 -horsepower diesel R2.0. He and other enough to fit perfectly into the urban concept proekonomichnuyu Sportage, but hit the dynamics are unlikely to . Petrol Sportage every overtaking on the highway is given with a visible effort . Version with a gun from 80 to 100 km / h zone generally falls into the “dead calm “, and even transfer to manual mode 6 – speed automatic transmission does not help the situation much . 136 -hp two-liter diesel is also not a sprinter . But – thanks to the high torque – much more stable and predictable. In combination with all-wheel drive with the ability to Dynamax positive locking “diesel” looks much more attractive .

But what really pleased Sportage , it’s suspension settings : McPherson strut with coil springs Barrel off-axis load front and rear mnogoryichazhka . Balance Koreans found an almost perfect : on the roads and no punches , and rolls on the highway , even in heavy diesel is practically not observed . Only at critical lateral accelerations – in fast perestavki at speeds over 70 km / h exhibits a distinct transverse vibrations . Optimum suspension, extended wheelbase , an updated Stability and sharp steering feedback overload intuitively prompts the driver to the correct direction of rotation of the steering wheel , became the key to a highly stable and predictable behavior Sportage on the pavement . Until Aryan definition management Korean VW Tiguan SUV, of course , does not hold , but its Asian competitors – Nissan Qashqai and ” stepbrother » Hyundai ix35 chance to replay itself in handling virtually no reserves . As well as the price ! Only Nissan Qashqai yes Suzuki Grand Vitara in the price come on the heels Sportage . Ford Kuga, Toyota RAV4 and VW Tiguan chasm separates from KIA in 6-11 %.

“Cold Coupling “

Dynamax AWD system from Magna acquired the function of monitoring road conditions : based on data controllers with intelligent control unit not only react to the current situation , but also predicts the modes of transmission, significantly reducing response time and increasing the efficiency of electro-hydraulic clutch responsible for the redistribution of torque . The design of the coupling itself has also been optimized . By increasing from 200 to 500 ml liquid volume of the coupling efficiency is considerably increased cooling. No matter how trying some of our colleagues during testing Caucasian force coupling Sportage « sweat ” , AWD Dynamax stoically endured the most brutal torture faced by most of the competitors would not hold for 20 seconds.

Love – not love

Sportage got and engine start button . modern

Tiny glove box can hold except that a pair of gloves or a few cans of drinks. decently

When you turn on turn signal lights illuminate additional lighting lateral hemispheres . interestingly


Thick steering wheel, wide base , premium suspension settings determine acute and predictable handling Sportage.


Except for a few small items and quality plastic, raises no objections.


Small bumps on the rear passengers suspension may seem too tough.


6 of airbag , active head restraints , 5 stars by NHTSA.


On average, lower than that of its main competitors , by 1-12 %.

Pros & Cons

+ : Excellent sound insulation , modern design , progressive -wheel drive system , cancel the suspension.

– Not in the line of more powerful engines , the average quality plastic.

our opinion

In terms of design much more attractive KIA Sportage VW Tiguan and the Suzuki Grand Vitara. From the point of view of controllability give odds and Nissan Qashqai, and Hyundai ix35. KIA Sportage while still cheaper than all competitors without exception . But to a new weapon KIA was really ideal , it would be nice to add a little powder in the form of more powerful motor .