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Test Drive

Hyundai ix35

Obviously considerable cost for the buyer offered a compact SUV , which has an attractive appearance , modern and comfortable interior PICKUP 2.0-liter 149 -horsepower engine . Rent Hyundai ix35 in Baku

Is perfect Hyundai ix35, as it is painted ?

I’m not a conservative, but my distrust of Korean-made vehicles still high. And this feeling stirs pricing policy that assigns Korean models on a par with German and Japanese competitors, which , in my opinion , immodest. Estimating the Hyundai ix35 I went with optimism as to criticize – do not praise : you will always find , what to cling , especially when compared with analogues produced leaders of the automotive industry.

Confess exterior of the car , his line contours, decorative trim elements I relished so that the desire to look at her ” muse of designer ” got sick. Let the model is similar to some other , but because of her level of performance it can be forgiven . Even bizarre forms grille, forming either a smile , or pout , do not spoil the charm of the model, giving a certain mystique davinchevskuyu appearance .

Car attracts balanced forms and elegance , which , incidentally, is ” stealing ” his part solidity , visually reducing dimensions . But Hyundai ix35 is not such a baby as it may seem at first glance. During the test he had to take out of town five adults with their ” set of critical infrastructure” , occupying the entire volume of the luggage compartment. And the lack of space no one complained . Upon arriving to the goal of our journey , I unloaded the contents of the trunk on the grass beside the car , it was hard to believe that this mountain of things just was in seemed to have a slight space between the rear seat and tailgate .

Destroyer stamps

Let me remind you that the search for a ‘positive’ in the model ix35 I started with an honest and strong stone of optimism in his bosom . Unfortunately nelyubiteley Korean car , my negative attitude became quickly change its polarity . That this crossover doors must be closed , giving them a little more speed than we would like, but do not cover , like the fridge , we did not get upset and do not be surprised, but the materials used in the manufacture of seat upholstery , dashboard and door panels were whit no worse than the more famous brands analogues .

Interface control audio and climate systems understandable and you may say , friendly, even though that is not Russified . Disappointing only the central display , which displays information from on-board systems , maps and navigation system image with a rear view camera , though at dusk fills salon bewitching cold blue glow , but instantly lose the magic when struck by sunlight. Screen ” blind “, and does not help him a little shelter from the sun visor, in this case, playing the role of an extra.

But the dashboard – almost a masterpiece. Clear , all appliances in place and clearly visible under all lighting conditions . And in the dark , as usual , devices become more beautiful : milky white lights pleases the eye .

I note that the navigation system , though not “writes” in Russian , but Moscow knows and regularly brings to the goals.


Exterior and interior , of course , the position of the last when choosing a car , but when I tried to go ix35 residues critical attitude turned to dust . Korean SUV ended up with incendiary temperament. Unaware load Hyundairezvo starts and accelerates to the moment 60 km / h Only after that it continues to gain speed with little loss of dynamics. Despite the fact that “hundreds” version with automatic transmission submits for not impressive 11.3 with the car does not look like an outsider on the track. Rather, the contrary . Thanks to its excellent stability on the highway he easily leaves behind a string of ” weaving ” with a cruising speed of 110-120 km / h machines , allowing the driver without its share of discomfort disperse themselves by 30-40 km / h faster flow. Noise isolation from ix35 so effective , and that passengers can not guess about the breakneck speed at which the car rushes . Rubber flip flops on the cracked asphalt , howling engine at high speeds , the noise from cars crashing on the facade of the wind and insects almost inaudible . Only the steady hum of the outside world whispers in the distance of the insignificance of the distance from the height of the infinity of time and quality standard audio sound mellifluous .

Suddenly something strange starts to happen on the road ahead : cars rushing around peretormazhivat , trying to dodge the collision , stopping the road and oncoming lane . And we are at a high speed … Meditate once , and I hit the brakes with thoughts about the inevitable . However ix35 firmly cling to the asphalt , frightening bursting anti-lock brakes , seat belt tightens confidently on his chest, and we stop even before I could imagine myself in the best of hands, . ” Five of you , Hyundai, for brakes ,” – I said out loud, in anticipation of late funk and cold sweats .

In our case, the test car was a city of about 17 thousand km and , given that , of course, every journalist opened in ix35 source of adrenaline , it was surprisingly good condition , no scratches and suspension noise in the cabin. Accuracy control car did not lose even acquired a wealth of experience of “dialogue” with domestic and off-road .


Hyundai ix35 called ideal and the undisputed choice for the asking price for it I dared . Brand – maker has not earned such a reputation to declare the price at the German and Japanese eats petrol cars is much larger than stated ( more than 11 liters per “hundred” on the track against the stated 6.8 liters ), air conditioning does not work very efficiently , but on the whole ix35 leaves an impression strong , confident on the road car. He drew attention bright and stylish appearance, perfect climbs curbs and light off-road, has set off amenities, including four-wheel drive , the help system during the descent from the mountains and the differential lock function . Although the clearance of 17 cm ix35 can go so hard on the belly , he just let the rope winch help .

Trim Hyundai ix35 can give odds to almost any competitor. Lacking only elektroregulirovok position driver’s seat .

In terms of price / quantity options Korean car proudly pulls his chin to the sky on the background neighbors by price range , but the weight of ticks in the ” for ” buy car leaves no confidence in the correctness of the choice in his favor. Why ? Painful stiff competition in this segment. Here there poavtoritetnee brand , model and bigger, brighter and design … But the choice is always yours.