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Test Drive

Hyundai Accent

For almost two years on sale in Ukraine sedan Hyundai Accent. This best-selling model of the Korean brand in Ukraine. To make your experience about this car, we took it for a test drive in the metropolitan Motor ” Eden- cars ” on the street of the capital . Large roundabout . Rent Hyundai Accent in Baku

Hyundai Accent is offered in seven trim levels priced from Rs 118,300 to Rs 159,500 . Sell ​​cars with 1.4-liter (107 hp) and 1.6-liter (127 hp) gasoline engine. You can also choose between the gearbox 4 speed ? ? Automatic and 5-speed ? ? Mechanical . We take the test machine with a 1.4 -liter engine and the “automatic” in the configuration Classik. This car is worth 129,600 USD. This is the cheapest grade with an automatic transmission .


Externally, the new Accent resembles the previous generation of this model, only the emblem on the grille. Cars are completely different. The new machine is much more of its design has become a little more aggressive. Side ribs car pointing down , go from the trunk to the hood , large headlights slightly convex . Machine design is very reminiscent of the new Hyundai Elantra and Hyundai Sonata. Front bumper Accent, grille and front panel made ​​as one solid plastic part . Car door handles , side mirrors and fog lamps instead of plugs in the bumper black. In the configuration Comfort mirrors and door handles painted in body color . Installed on the car 15-inch tires, wheels – black stamped . Machine clearance – 16 centimeters in KIA RIO , Chevrolet Aveo New, ZAZ Lanos.

Inspect the interior and trunk

Landing on the driver’s seat is high, good visibility to the front , side plates are small. The driver’s seat has a wide range of adjustments . Also it can be lifted up. Steering wheel is made of soft plastic. It is height adjustable .

Torpedo from a solid soft-touch plastic . All clearances on maps doors and dashboard are small and uniform . Adjustment knob on the steering column and torpedo rotate easy and informative .

In this configuration , as in the base ( with the “mechanics” ) have air conditioning, front electric windows , central locking . On the instrument panel has a screen on-board computer , it played an instantaneous fuel consumption of the vehicle. Inside the glove box is big but no backlight . On-site radio – plug , but radiopreparation and 4 speakers installed. No inner case for glasses and navigator canopy above the rearview mirror . This option is available in the more expensive configuration Comfort ( 134,250 USD).

I sit in the back seat . There are larger than Chevrolet Aveo New. Especially a lot of places out there in the middle seat , because the usual longitudinal tunnel no . However, high ( rising 190 cm and above) passengers have enough space for the head through a sloping roof structure . Folding rear seat folds entirely, instead of parts. It is not very convenient when you need to carry both passengers and some 2-3 long cargo . In picking Comfort ( 134,250 USD) back decomposed separately .

Roomy trunk of the car – 454 liters. However, less than competitors KIA RIO , Chevrolet Aveo New, Citroen C -Elysee. Under the bottom of the trunk spare tire traditionally been located . It is full size .


On the territory of the new passenger car dealership leaves Gulak Alexander , director of the salon “Edem Auto”. Car headlights included.

” In places Accent lights are automatically turned on and engine starting . Could not deactivate . Machines do in Russia . According to their rules of the road , there should all ride with dipped beam even in the daytime ? ? ” – Explains Alexander . He gets out and takes me to the driver’s seat.

Adapts to yourself seat, steering wheel and mirrors . Then I deliver the car , the engine barely audible . Incidentally, it is normal in this configuration , in the version of Comfort ( 134,250 USD) he skladyvetsya .

I squeeze the brakes. Translate lever to ” ride ” and send . The gas pedal is not very sensitive , the transfer switch smoothly without delays and jerks. Gas on the highway push until it stops. Up to 60 km / h the car accelerates in 4.5 seconds. And howl at high revs the engine or excessive noise is not audible. The trip computer displays instantaneous fuel consumption – 6.8 liters per 100 kilometers .

Factory insulation car good. Overview despite high ” feed ” normal – can be seen behind all traffic participants. Front side plates also do not interfere with the review .

Patches and potholes on asphalt gently shake the car . Suspension is softer than the Kia Rio. Strongly shake the brakes – Hyundai stops without skidding. Again the food, but I press the gas lightly, barely touching , on-board computer shows fuel consumption of 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers ( 60 km / h) . Car accelerates to 80 km / h and turns sharply to the left – the car tilted slightly , but it has not lost controllability . Turning Radius her less than Kia Rio. I put the car on the handbrake , lights automatically turn off.


1.4-liter car accelerates quickly ;

good quality plastic insulation and salon;

modern design ;

Comfort in picking janitors have electric heating and seats .


Back back in the base completely rejected ;

No version with cruise control ;

system ESC (EBD + TCS + BAS) is set only in the most expensive configuration for 159,500 USD.