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Infiniti Q70L: restyled with a banner

In the absence of a ” full-fledged ” flagship role play his deputy dlinnobaznaya ” semidesyatka .” Rent a car in Baku

Top Model brand representation class F, according to preliminary estimates , will appear in 2017-2018 year , and while the attention of VIP- clientele offered sedan Q70L ( to change nomenclature names seventieth series called M). Phantasmagoric car still resembles predatory marine reptile , and external changes are “cosmetic ” in nature. For example, to change the head and rear optics , bumpers and shape of the trunk lid . Interior decoration is almost the same .

First versions with increased distance could be satisfied mezhstupichnym except Chinese . Debut as part of the New York motor show hints at expansion of the sphere of influence – now master the new American market and “other countries “. In the standard Q70 wheelbase is 2900 mm , while the modifications to this L size to add on another 150 mm. Stock legroom rear passengers – 822 mm ! Thus, the car almost came into size class F. Significantly improved insulation – According to the manufacturer , the highway speeds Q70 77% quieter than the competition.

Infiniti is available with rear – wheel drive transmission and the same engine that is mounted on korotkobaznym Q70: 3,7- liter unit V6 330 hp or “eight” volume of 5.6 liters , which develops 416 hp ( 4 weaker force “short” machine). There is also a model with a hybrid power plant , including a 3.5 -liter V6 engine to 302 hp and 67 – horsepower electric motor . Entering the market , according to unofficial data , at the end of this year.