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In the Netherlands, have created a unique luminous road

Road markings covered photoluminescent powder. Rent a car in Baku

In 2012, a Dutch designer offered a very interesting concept boundaries road lighting at night. The project aims to make roads more ” interactive “, and at the same time reduce the cost of electricity and other resources that are needed to illuminate the streets and especially long motorway passes Hi-Tech News.

It seems that the concept has ceased to be a concept and started its embodiment in reality. At least on some highways Netherlands. To date, one of the Netherlands runs (N329 town Oss ) , over a length of about 500 meters lights lighting have been completely replaced by glowing in the dark road markings indicating the border strip and the road itself .

Glow in the dark markings was developed road construction company Heijmans based photoluminescent powder added to the paint to cover the roads. In the company’s plans to install such markings and in other areas , as well as the creation of a special glowing weather road markings , which began to glow in certain weather conditions, such as in the rain or light snow , as well as under certain temperature indicators of the environment.

Unfortunately, due to lack of contracts , until such plans can not be implemented . Despite the fact that the idea is really interesting , there are questions about the durability of the paint in such constant motion on her car as well as how it will behave in a non-uniform coating of the road itself .