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Americans tested for strength nine crossovers

SUVs Chevrolet and GMC were the most ” survivable “

American Institute of Insurance Safety (IIHS) crash tests conducted nine midsize vsedorozhnikov . Only three of them managed to get the highest award for protection of passengers (Top Safety Pick +), transmits motor .

Were considered the safest crossovers Toyota Highlander, as well as Chevrolet Equinox and its ” twin ” GMS Terrain. The last two vsedorozhnika , according to experts , received high marks due to the fact that by 2014 model year, these machines has been upgraded front body structure and reinforced A-pillars . Only complaint caused lateral blind, leave some space in which part of the breakaway could get the vehicle.

Worst result showed crossover Honda Pilot, which the body is subjected to strong deformation . In particular, the parking brake pedal shifted by 42 cm inside. Only a small portion of the dummy’s head was protected by an air bag, slipped off her left , while the steering column is shifted by 14 centimeters to the right. In addition, the dummy sensors recorded possibility of serious injury in his left knee and hip , as well as both legs drumsticks .

On the penultimate place was Mazda CX- 9 , which vmyali Front door inwards by 43 centimeters , causing the front wheel has got to his left knee . In this case the side airbag did not work , and the door frame entered the cabin and hit the head of the dummy. Pillow Jeep Grand Cherokee is almost completely covered his head , but the lack of tension belt allowed her to slip and hit the front rack.