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Concise Dictionary motorist

The accident, damage to any buildings, equipment , machinery , including the car.

Bus – passenger vehicle to carry more than nine persons , including the driver.

Bus High – class bus with an overall length of 10.5 to 12 m

Motor-coach bus for the continental posts equipped toilet, wardrobe, minibar , and sometimes bunks in trailer hotel or in the bus .

Bus double decker bus , having besides the usual first floor second floor with additional seats and stairs located inside the body .

Small class bus – bus with an overall length of 6.0 to 7.5 m

Bus extra large class bus , usually articulated , with an overall length of 16.5 to 24 m

Buses of extra small class bus with an overall length of 5.0 m or less.

Bus articulated bus consisting of two rigid hinged sections, forming a single passenger compartment.

Bus – Bus middle class with an overall length of 8.0 to 9.5 m

Bus tourist bus with good visibility for passengers , equipped with microphone and other equipment for the guide.

Express bus – shuttle bus without stopping or almost nonstop .

Autodrome seat reserved for motor racing and driver training .

Autooscillations steered wheels – related angular oscillations of the front axle in a vertical plane and fluctuations around the kingpins of the steered wheels ; impair the car’s handling .

Motorist , a man with a driver’s license with the right to drive vehicles of category B ( cars with a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3500 kg and the number of seats in addition to the driver’s seat does not exceed eight ) and worked as a driver for hire.

Motorway road – highest category, which allowed the movement to improve the speed and prohibited the movement of pedestrians and motor vehicles , the speed is less than 40 km / h

Car carrier – specialized truck for simultaneous transportation of several cars.

Automotive – engineering industry , mostly made cars and motorcycles, bicycles , forklifts .

Motorization development – motoring .

Motoring – car business ; everything connected with the creation and use of vehicles, including motor sport .

Motorist – person engaged in motoring .

Car- wheeled trackless vehicle powered by an own source of energy , which has at least four wheels; moreover, are usually related to cars and trolleys three-wheeled vehicles , curb weight exceeds 400 kg ; usually under the car and understand a single vehicle and trailer .

Car ” antique ” – vintage car category A.

Car safe – experimental model of the future car , surpassing all in constructive security that has mastered the global automotive industry ; for example , it fully preserves the shape of the passenger compartment during a rollover at speeds of 100 km / h and not cause serious injury to passengers when hitting the concrete barrier at a speed of 80 km / h

Wagon-type car – passenger car with the engine placed inside the body .

All-terrain vehicle – wheel drive vehicle having more than two axles , special systems and units , significantly increasing its permeability , including independent suspension , larger diameter tires and adjustable pressure ; This includes cars, adapted for operation in severe conditions ( Arctic, tropical jungles, swampy terrain , etc. ), in particular with special propellers ( pnevmokatki , walking system, etc. ) or partially unloaded using an air cushion .

Gazoballonnyj car – car equipped with gas cylinders and special equipment for motor supply gas.

Turbine – car vehicle with a gas turbine engine .

Automobile racing – car, usually single , specially designed for high-speed car racing , having , in particular , special wide tires , low streamlined body , a special high-power engine .

Car cargo transport vehicle for transportation of goods , having a body of general purpose (platform ) or a specialized body ( tank, van , etc.) .

Car freight and passenger transport vehicle for the simultaneous transport of passengers and freight ; usually it is a car with a station wagon .

Vehicle biaxially vehicle having two axles with wheels.

Car diesel – car with a diesel engine.

Residential car – car for tourism, passenger usually equipped with bunks .

Car rear-drive car with rear – wheel drive.

Car bonnet layout – car with the engine placed in front of the cab and closed the hood.

Car – car carburetor with carburetor engine .

Car classic layout – car with front engine and rear wheel drive.

Passenger car – passenger vehicle to carry no more than nine persons including the driver.

Passenger car High – class car with engine displacement of over 3.5 liters.

Passenger car top – class car with engine displacement unregulated ; usually the most expensive equipment .

Small passenger car class car with engine displacement from 1.2 to 1.8 liters.

Passenger car very small class – passenger car with engine displacement to 1.2 liters.

Passenger car – middle-class car with engine displacement from 1.8 to 3.5 liters .

Subcompact car – passenger compact car or small classes.

Polyaxial – car vehicle with more than two axles number .

Nepolnoprivodny car – a car that not all wheels are driven .

Front-wheel drive car , a car with front wheel drive .

Terrain vehicle – wheel-drive two-or three-axle vehicle , created mainly using systems and assemblies limited terrain vehicle ; typically has a conventional suspension , tires controlled pressure winch for self , tools for overcoming deep ford.

Car – wheel drive car with all-wheel drive .

Avtopansionat complex facilities for campers stay overnight , meals , car storage.

Articulated vehicles, consisting of a towing vehicle and a towed trailer or semitrailer them .

Multiple – unit interconnected different purposes machines or devices in a single complex ; subassembly machines possessing full fungibility possibility assembly separately and the ability to perform certain specific functions (eg motor).

Adaptation – configure a system to conditions of use .

Adsorption – absorption of the substance surface layer of a liquid or solid .

Aqua – driving while sliding the wheels on a layer of water or mud covering the road.

Battery device for storing energy with a view to its future use.

Battery – acid electric battery acid electrolyte.

Alkaline – battery electric car battery with an alkaline electrolyte .

The algorithm is a sequence of instructions , the execution of which allows to solve the problem .

Algorithm shift sequence of actions and processes in changing gears .

Shock – a device for damping mechanical suspension (usually vertical ) oscillations induced by the motion of the vehicle.

Ammeter – a device for measuring the strength of an electric current.

Analyzer – a device that determines the presence of a substance in a mixture of substances.

Exhaust gas analyzer , a device which determines the amount of toxic substances in the exhaust gases .

Antifreeze – a liquid that can withstand temperatures below zero ; used in cooling and heating.

Hydrometer , a device for measuring the density of the liquid.

Certification – comprehensive assessment of quality with the establishment of quality categories and drafting of the document certifying the quality category .

Buggy – single or double passenger car with removable open body and a rigid frame designed for cross-country competitions .

Wheel base is the distance between the centers of adjacent axles wheels wheeled vehicle ; for multi-axle vehicle, specify the sum of the distances between adjacent axes .

Axle – load-bearing structure , which are attached to the wheels with their drive and suspension component .

Longitudinal beam – main bearing part of the frame spars , which has a special profile (usually channel bars) ; located along the vehicle.

Balloon reservoir of compressed gas or liquid under pressure.

The balloon – air tank for compressed air necessary for actuating the brake and other vehicle systems.

Running drum – rotating part of the test rig , which rely on a car wheel .

Drum brake – shoe or cylindrical drum band brake , which is exposed to brake shoes or tape.

Radiator tank – top tank for the collection and distribution of coolant to the radiator core elements .

Radiator tank – bottom tank for collecting coolant and its direction in the engine cooling system.

Tank of a brake – system storage capacity of brake fluid , constantly nourished the braking system of the vehicle.

Safety -property , reducing the likelihood and severity of any danger .

Traffic safety is a complex technical and legal measures to enable road users to move without traffic accidents .

Safety of the vehicle passive – properties of the vehicle, reducing the severity of the accident .

Vehicle safety , vehicle properties , determined by its active, passive , post-accident and environmental safety .

Vehicle safety – active properties of the vehicle, reducing the probability of accident .

Vehicle safety external passive – passive safety through the implementation of such outer parts of the vehicle in which the probability of damage to these parts man at a traffic accident is minimal.

Safety of the vehicle inner passive – passive security provided except traumatic elements inside the body and enabling the driver and passengers to withstand overload arising from large slowdowns .

Post-accident vehicle safety – properties of the vehicle, reducing the severity of the accident (eg the presence of an alarm , fire protection measures ) .

Vehicle safety , environmental properties of the vehicle , reducing the degree of negative impact on the environment .

Reliability – property of continuously maintain a healthy state for a certain period of time.

Gasoline fuel for gasoline internal combustion engines, consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons selected from petroleum and having a boiling point of 30-180 ° C.

Motor gasoline gasoline with a boiling point 40-200 ° C.

Motor gasoline winter gasoline , which 90% of the fractional composition distils at a temperature of 160 ° C.

Motor gasoline old – who has 90% of the fractional composition distils at a temperature of 180 ° C.

Block wheel – wheel braking to stop the vehicle stops .

Block signaling set alarms , warning the driver of the deviations in the operation of the vehicle.

Cylinder Block – more cylinders (eg piston engine ) combined into one.

Cluster gear reverse – two coaxial rigidly interconnected gears, providing transmission of torque from the output shaft of the intermediate gearbox with reverse gear .

Lock – cast an object to a condition preventing the performance of certain actions , such as erroneous .

Automatic lock -lock automatically activated .

The reverse gear lock – lock automatically , eliminating the reverse gear when driving forward course .

Lock – starting the engine automatically lock , eliminating engine start if the transmission includes one of the shows .

Sidewall of a tire – lateral tire tires , protecting the tire casing from damage.

Bolt – fastener in the form of a threaded rod on which a nut .

Bortorasshiritel – breeding machine for tire bead during its inspection and repair.

Brougham combined passenger – car body with an opening part of the roof over the front seat.

Mudguard – shield that protects from splashes and dirt car and riding behind vehicles.

Tow- transporting non-self propelled vehicle at the moment of the vehicle located on its wheels .

Slipping car – car mobility loss at completely stalled the drive wheels .

Slipping wheel – slip road leading wheels of the vehicle .

Slipping wheel full – state drive wheel when it rotates , and its forward speed is zero.

Buffer (bumper ) – bay fence in the front and rear of the vehicle , perceiving and softens the blow of the obstacle.

Shaft – rotating or non-rotating part in the form of a rod , which transmits torque.

Propeller shaft – shaft driveline , whose ends are fixed universal joints .

Crankshaft shaft – crank mechanism having cervical indigenous – coaxial and connecting rod whose axes are offset relative to the axis of rotation .

Camshaft – camshaft mechanism by rotating cams through which the predetermined order of operations ( such as opening the intake and exhaust valves in the engine ) .

The shaft – wheel steering shaft connecting the steering wheel to the drive shaft of the steering mechanism .

Vent valve for regulating or overlapping exit of liquid or gas .

Valve chamber valve , closing the air outlet from the chamber; pumping air and allows it to control the pressure in the chamber of the wheel.

Vibration – mechanical oscillations generally relatively small amplitude and not too low , at least 17-25 Hz frequency.

Shaker – test stand components or vehicles on vibration stress.

Visibility – potential visual perception traffic signal.

Visibility insufficient in – SDA – road visibility less than 300 m in fog, rain , snow, and in the twilight.

Clutch fork – fork lever transmitting force to the clutch clutch transmission via links from the clutch pedal .

Virage longitudinal turning of the road with a side slope.

Driver person controlling the vehicle.

Driving – driving .

Ignition phenomenon of self – flame burning under the influence of the source of ignition.

Injection – injection of a liquid spray in the limited size of the volume .

Fuel – injection fuel injection under high pressure through the nozzle into a cylinder or intake pipe of the internal combustion engine .

Fuel direct injection – the injection of fuel directly into the combustion chamber of the engine with internal mixture formation .

Intake -stroke cycle engine , the corresponding cylinder filled with a combustible mixture or air.

Time – duration events.

Time – delay time period from the start of pressing the brake pedal ( or lever ) until the moment at which the braking force starts to increase .

Acceleration time – ramp time from the initial to the final value .

Time – release period of time from the beginning to the end of reducing the braking force brake mechanisms .

Driver’s reaction time is the period of time from receipt of the driver signal before its control to the government.

Brake – actuation time period from the start of pressing the brake pedal (lever ) to the end of increasing the braking force .


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