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Many foreign tourists who come to Baku faced with an uncomfortable public transport and have some difficulties in moving around the city . To understand the complex patterns of traffic , sometimes they lack knowledge of the Azerbaijani language . In such a situation, the best solution is to rent a car in Baku.

Car hire in Baku allows foreign visitors around the city , regardless of transport timetables . Of course , you can use a normal taxi , but if you move around the city and need a lot of active, then it can be a pretty penny. A rental car in Baku will significantly save money without losing the amenities taxi service .

Certainly a significant role regains ignorance foreign guests of the city. But this problem can be solved in two ways. First, you can hire a car with the driver of the lessor. He can drop off a guest at any point of Baku . In fact, such a service is a long-term taxi. But just because the car is taken for quite a long period , the cost of the taxi is much lower than in the case of the ordinary. The second option is to use GPS- navigator. For a small additional fee, you can take this wonderful device that will help you easily navigate the city . In order to determine the route to the desired point of the city, is enough to know only the destination address . GPS- navigator make you feel more independent in an unfamiliar city , while relieving the difficulties in orientation.

Rent a car in Baku allows visitors to our country to choose a machine suitable for their class. All those for whom it is important to quickly park on the narrow streets , we can recommend a small car with a small fuel consumption. And for business meetings would be the best car rental executive class in Baku. If the plans of the foreign visitor is listed on the nature of the trip , it is better to rent a full drive SUV. In any case, the car rental will satisfy any customer .

In order to hire a car , you need to provide a foreigner passport, driving license of international standard, and also to make a security deposit in cash or by international bank card . Thus it is necessary that the driving experience was at least one year , and the age of the tenant – not less than 19 years .