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What’s restrictions when renting a car

Car hire services in Baku offered by many companies . Each car rental has its own terms of service. Requirements for car rentals in Baku differ depending on the potential customer size pledge, the amount of fuel in the tank , and other parameters . Rental companies also have different conditions daily mileage of the car.

When renting transport in some organizations do not limit the number of kilometers that can drive cars . If it is a limited box is about 200-250 kilometers per day. Some car rental destinations in Bakufor the withdrawal limit daily mileage charge extra .

Deciding on rental cars in Baku always depends on the client and implemented with the goal of rental vehicles. Usually, the car is required for travel within the city , while the daily mileage limit is difficult to exceed . To solve the problem of limiting the number of miles when renting a car for a few days is necessary to observe the established average daily mileage per rental . Companies providing temporary use of vehicles, they can not identify the mileage per day .

When renting a car to travel on a business trip to another city , town travel , etc. need to take care of addressing unlimited mileage . On long trips and long-term car rent in Baku recommended in organizations that do not establish such restrictions . An alternative would be the payment for the removal of the limit on the number of kilometers .

The above recommendations apply to transport rental without a driver. When renting a car with a driver in each individual are the rental conditions .

We must always remember that all the conditions of work with the rental company must specify in advance. Otherwise, if a conflict occurs you may be required payment of the sum in accordance with penalties . To prevent such situations, should carefully read the conditions of the agreement to rent a car in Baku.