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What you should pay attention. Rent a car in Baku

No car or breaking it – it ‘s not a reason to deny yourself the necessary and long-awaited trip. In this case, you can rent a car in Baku. It is important to take a car from a reputable company . When you make a deal should carefully read the contract , get insurance and clarify their actions in the event of an accident.

Choosing a company . The market rental without driver offer different companies : both small and large . In a small office, it will cost a little cheaper . But there is a likelihood of fraud with credit cards, with hidden defects of the car, the appearance of defects in the contract is not in your favor . Large companies often provide the service – took the car in one place, put into another .

Order cars in Baku. Several companies offer book cars for hire through the internet. This saves time and at less cost than draw on the spot. Selected car class you get the set time. However, some companies do not require credit card data , and in case of failure you do not lose anything .

Necessary documents . An important factor in the design of the machine is the presence of a driver’s license . May also require a credit card or money for a deposit . Different companies may be an age limit of 18-25 years .

Additional options . When renting a car in Baku may have additional options : unlimited mileage ( with a limited run for the extra kilometers will have to pay ) , a full tank of gas ( in this case, you agree to return the car as fully fueled ) , child seat , GPS-navigator , etc.