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Rental vans in Baku

Minibus hire in Baku

In the development of tourism and services related to tourism development opportunity to receive and transport services. It works all the well-known rule of supply and demand , which generates one another . Modern market of service providers to lease minibuses with driver well developed and quite wide. Minibus booking for any activities , whether it be a wedding , a trip to class on a trip to the museum or the city, the organization of a country ‘s corporate party , etc. become commonplace for us . Mark van rental is much easier and cheaper than to organize the delivery of all the guests individually by taxi or private cars .

Simulate a situation where your child’s school organized tour of the city and the need to deliver a hundred people in one place at one time , and imagine the difficulties faced by parents and organizers of such trips. Indeed, in this case, the child will have to take back at least one parent , and this is two people per tour. It is also necessary to take into account the inability to deliver their children to the destination because their parents work or other emergency situations.

Minibus hire in Baku

For such cases, and there is a market of transport services. After all, much easier to order two buses in Baku. In addition, it greatly facilitates the task of organizing excursions nonresident or foreign tourists. Rent a bus or minibus available in a variety of companies engaged in passenger transportation , both in Baku and beyond. Depending on the scale of the trip and the number of people who need to carry change and type of service provided , the size of the car, the prices for such services . If you need to take anywhere you have 7 people lose the opportunity to take one taxi . Of course , in this case the question arises: why not take two taxis ? The answer is simple : a lot cheaper and safer today be ordered minivan rental . Rental vans in Baku may also need to arrange delivery of the guests at a wedding , for example , you can order one minivan for a family or a couple of buses at once for all . In any case, it’s easier than explaining each guest individually how to get to a place of celebration celebration.

But companies providing passenger transportation services are not limited to minivans , buses or minibuses , no. In such company you can also hire a great executive class sedan , for example such as the Mercedes W221. Mercedes W221 is the fifth generation car executive class automaker Mercedes-Benz ( Mercedes-Benz ) , better known as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class . This car is made with the latest technology , its technical support can only envy. This car is equipped with a system to warn the driver fatigue , cruise control with emergency braking function , a tracking system for “dead” zones function recognition of road signs , etc., which affects its value. And if you need somewhere to deliver high guest or you yourself are such a person , you now do not have to buy such an expensive car for one day . Today, you can hire the services of transport companies. Just a big advantage of these companies is the provision of a car with a driver . This means that you no longer have to think about where to find the driver on the tour has the right category and with sufficient experience .